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The Lab Amazon is a process of discoveries through the Amazonian rivers. Immersion of learning with the forest and its traditional communities to inspire people and organizations towards a more sustainable future.

Groups in organizations that seek innovation in sustainability. They can be companies, educational institutions, government or networks of people who wish to transform themselves and to contribute to the complex socio-environmental challenge.

Each group can customize the design of the experience according to the following structure:


  • Understanding of the Amazon system and its relation to the global sustainability challenge;

  • Development of leadership skills;

  • Moments of reflection and connection;

  • Dynamics of prototyping, linking the  learning to the reality of the organization;

  • Some theories that inspire the process: U Theory, Art of Hosting, Thinking Design, Appreciative Inquiry.


  • Investigation theme; 

  • Learning design;

  • Participants and speakers;

  • Visited communities and initiatives. 


Balancing practice and theory, we design activities and dynamics that open space for knowledge sharing, preparing the way for the development of capacities of individual leaders with collective action.

3 levels os knowledge:

Global relationship with the investigated theme, involving the entire society and its interrelationships.



- Innovation

- Leadership

- Colaboration


- Empathy

- Purpose

- Mindfulness

Based on the interests of each group, we start a 5-step process to co-create the learning journey:

Identification of the need, purpose and priorities of strategic development for the selected group.
Theme definition
Definition of the group's inquiry theme, to then design the program and itinerary.
Operational and logistic detailing of the course.
Educational material
Development of course material to serve the course purposes.
Arrival in Manaus so we get on the boat and start the learning navigation.

Get in contact with us so we can start to design our Amazon learning journey together.